Hello Internet! This is Calista Marsh, writing as an intern at Rincon – Vitova Insectaries.


I discovered Rincon – Vitova Insectaries through an environmental work-study class I was taking at Ventura High School. Being my first official internship, I was a little nervous when I walked in the door. Of course, there was no need;  I was met by the friendly atmosphere that I have come to love about this place. The first thing we did was to go out into the garden and release green lacewings. This was the perfect introduction to the business, as I got to see firsthand the product and the reason for our efforts. I was also introduced to the cats, dogs, and geese living on the property, all of whom I’ve come to enjoy. By the time I left that first day, I could tell I my time here would be well spent.

The weeks that followed were filled with variety, from taking a trip to a horse rescue to building fly parasite release stations for our customers. No day has been exactly like the last, and each brings new knowledge and skills. Many days, I come home afterwards with bags of fruit or seeds or, more recently, a young loquat plant.

It is easy to say that I have enjoyed my time here, and easier still to say I’ve enjoyed the people. If I could imagine the ideal place to work (or in my case, to intern), Rincon – Vitova Insectaries would be a pretty good match. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to spend my time here, and I hope I’ve been helpful these past few weeks.


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